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Android Auto’s delayed redesign looks more customizable than Apple CarPlay

Introducing new dual pane options for Spotify and Google Maps

Google announced a major redesign of Android Auto in May 2022 that would bring a new dashboard view to the car’s infotainment system, but so far we’ve seen no promised improvements. There was no That’s despite the fact that the redesign was originally expected to roll out “just in time for the summer”. , now tinkerers could activate a new two-pane view that shows Spotify and Google Maps side-by-side in the Android Auto interface.


As 9to5Google spotted on Reddit, the new dual-pane view works for single users with rooted versions of Android on their phones. This will enable the new “Coolwalk” UI which provides a split screen interface for all display sizes.

The new interface is similar to what Google first hinted at at Google I/O in May 2022. You can read about this at the beginning of this article. This layout allows him to display three different apps at the same time on the Android Auto screen, like Apple CarPlay. For Redditor, you’ll find Google Maps navigation in the large main panel, Spotify controls and song information in the bottom left panel, and recent searches in the top left panel.

What’s new and interesting is the fact that the Spotify panel can be enlarged to take up all the small part of the left side of the screen. This gives you easy access to options like shuffle play and recently played songs, albums and playlists. Exit map navigation. This makes Android Auto more customizable in this respect than Apple CarPlay, which only offers preset layouts.

The current version of Android Auto also allows you to access playback controls while navigating a normal-sized display, but without opening the audio app itself or viewing song information from Android Auto’s bottom bar. I need access to the play and skip buttons. Google previously introduced a dual-pane view as part of his current UI for Android Auto, but it was only an option for very wide screens.

Old design bottom bar music controls

It seems that Google is preventing “Coolwalk” from being fully released. Given that Redditor now has a new dual-pane look, it’s possible that Google is still working on some basic improvements to the interface.

If you want to know how the Redditor pre-activated the new “Coolwalk” interface, he used a guide on the XDA forums stating that he explains the variables to change in the Android Auto app. And if you need a refresher on the real differences between Android Auto, Android Automotive, and Google Automotive Services, check out our three great comparisons.

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