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Texas Tech fans go viral with ‘Horns Down’ video

Texas Tech Fans Play Horns Down

One Texas Tech fan may have made the most outrageous “horns down” gesture ever.

Barstool Sports personality Dana Beers travels the country looking for college programs to support. On Saturday, he visited Lubbock, where he tested what he would think if he were a fan of his tech in Texas. He quickly caught up and seemed to explode.

After the Red Raiders beat the Longhorns 37-34 in overtime, Beals, like many other fans, took to the field. However, Bierce went straight to where the Texas mascot, Bebo, was and unleashed a ferocious horndown in front of the mascot’s face.

The cheerleader’s crazy reaction to him was amazing.

Beers still has a few college locations to visit before announcing his decision on Nov. 21. Texas Tech should have moved his list to number one after Saturday’s experience.

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