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Servant leadership means putting others first

“Diegran McCann, Mayor of Portsmouth,” said the Mayor of Portsmouth earlier in the year when he took office on his Facebook page. You could think of it as just a choice of words, but it could mean something more. Instead of using the title “mayor” before his name, Deaglan is the conscious mindset that it happens to be the title he holds and he realizes it’s the mayor. A job where he should be a leader for others. He is not “of” others, but with others.

Jim Splen

I first learned the concept of “Servant Leadership” as a member of a Leadership Seacoast class in the 1990s. The organization immerses people involved in businesses, organizations, and governments in a variety of issues, taking them out of their comfort zone and encouraging them to think critically about how they interact with others.

This column does not provide a definitive explanation of what servant leadership is or means. There is a lot of information online, including examples of leaders demonstrating the principle.

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