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Olympic boxing’s future in doubt after IBA vote against leadership challenge to presidentboxing news

Olympic boxing’s future was in further doubt in Yerevan on Sunday, with representatives of the sport’s global governing body, the International Boxing Association (IBA), vehemently allowing a leadership challenge to incumbent President Omar Kremlev. I objected.

After a 45-minute delay due to a power outage in the Armenian capital, in a specially convened Extraordinary Assembly, the Russians voted 106 to 36 to continue.
The sport will secure a place in the program for Los Angeles 2028.

Kremlev then delivered a bullish speech, appearing to prioritize a new post-Olympics path for the organization, arguing that “it shouldn’t be called Olympic boxing, it should be called IBA boxing.”

In a statement, the IOC said it was “extremely concerned” about the situation surrounding the parliament, particularly the voting procedure and the IBA’s decision to suspend the federal government of Ukraine.
government concerns.

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“Following these disturbing developments, the IOC[Executive Board]must fully review the situation at its next meeting,” he added.

The extraordinary parliament was held after Dutch representative Boris van der Voorst successfully appealed an earlier decision to prevent him from challenging Kremlev’s leadership in May.

Van der Vorst was deemed to have violated the campaign rules by the Boxing Independent Integrity Unit, but the decision was subsequently overturned by the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne.

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The IOC has already expressed “serious concerns” about the IBA under Kremlev’s leadership, excluding boxing from its first list of sports for the Los Angeles Olympics.

The IBA is barred from organizing the 2024 Paris Olympics, where boxing will be managed by an IOC-appointed task force, following the example set by the postponed Tokyo Olympics to 2021.

But the IOC’s initial decision shows little willingness to repeat that process in 2028, and it will take significant changes in governance to convince Olympic officials that boxing deserves to return to the programme. is required.

In a speech laced with obvious barbs against the IOC, Kremlev told delegations:

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