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Lions RB Jamal Williams flagged for excessive hip thrust at TD celebration

Detroit Lions running back Jamal Williams, 30, celebrates after scoring with a 13-yard touchdown run during the second half of an NFL football game against the Minnesota Vikings in Minneapolis on Sept. 25, 2022. (AP Photo/Craig Rasig)
Jamal Williams’ celebration was a little too frenetic for the NFL. (AP Photo/Craig Rasig)

Sensitive viewers please look away.

Jamal Williams was suggestive on Sunday. It took the Lions 15 yards. The Detroit Lions running back scored a second half touchdown on a 13-yard skipper against the Minnesota Vikings to take a 24–14 lead. After the score he celebrated with a dance.

Here is the score.

This is another angle of celebration in all its glory for hip thrusts.

Left tackle Dance Kipper (No. 70), who pulled right as Williams’ lead blocker in the score, clearly approved the dance. Officials did not. They flagged Williams for unsportsmanlike conduct. But don’t worry, Lions fans. Touchdown stood.

It is unclear whether officials counted Williams’ hip thrust in Hingle-McRingleberry fashion. He crossed the NFL threshold the league deems appropriate.

It’s hard to blame Williams for his excitement. After his 3-13-1 campaign in 2021 marked Detroit’s fourth straight losing season, the Lions entered Sunday’s game with him 1-1.Williams’ run Season opens for 13 consecutive quarters That the Lions scored a touchdown.

The final result didn’t pan out for Detroit, but we’re guessing head coach Dan Campbell wasn’t too upset with Williams’ enthusiasm.

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