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At least it’s not the hint of heckling on labor issues you’d see at a labor conference.John Crace

S.Please check what you are good at. It is especially during party congresses that opposition leaders look under the microscope for character flaws. For reasons they may not be prime minister. Kiel Sturmer is no exception. Even if he’s been consistently leading in the polls for months, and even if Liz Truss has failed spectacularly to secure the traditional new prime minister’s bounce, she has a desire to be unpopular. seems to take the economy very seriously. Sturmer hits him on either side of his neck. he is too timid he is too vague he never says anything

However, in the last few weeks I’ve found something Keir really excels at. In fact, he’s probably one of the best, if not the best, man in the industry. He is an extraordinary mourner. In the not-too-distant future, if I spill my clogs, I hope my family will fall to their knees and beg him to organize a 10-day national mental illness. I would have cried. There is glamor. There will be circumstances. Chopin’s Funeral March Repeat. And more and more tears.

When the Queen died, the lantern-jawed superhero with a sensitive mid-range stare suddenly came to himself. Librium Liz couldn’t even connect with herself in a drab speech that said everything about her and nothing about her queen, but Starmer did enough to convey the feeling of her country. I was able to read and write emotionally.

he touched us he hugged us He acknowledged our loss. And for the rest of the next nine days of ritual he remained mightily silent. Unwilling to manipulate the situation for his own political gain, Keir would have stood up first if one of his pallbearers had passed out.

All of this, to some extent, explains why this year’s Labor Party convention began with the national anthem. Now, anyone in the House of Commons who read Kwasi Kwarten’s asset-stripping suicide note last Friday would have noticed that politics is healthy and truly tribal again. It would have taken a heart of stone not to enjoy the sight of free market pundits who didn’t quite understand what the free market really meant when the pound fell without a trace Not so much Britannia Unchained as Britannia Unhinged.

no matter. Sturmer wanted to get the conference off to a good start. He navigated interviews with traditional leaders on Sunday morning political shows without much collateral damage, but sometimes he’d like to learn to lie a little better. Saying it would freeze energy prices for more than six months wouldn’t hurt him, given he’s not in a position to do so. he was in mourning.

Shortly before 11am, Starmer took the conference stage to a packed hall. Above him was a huge video screen showing a black and white image of the Queen. Behind him was the swirly Union Jack new union logo. There can be a fine line between patriotism and nationalism. But if some people have reservations, they’ve kept it to themselves.

This was supposed to be the theme of this year’s party convention. There may be a few angry members around, but everyone else was determined to show solidarity. is willing to do anything These days, the real political psychopaths are the Conservatives. Imagine ruining the economy just because that’s what you’ve always wanted to do, and finally all the adults have left the room and there’s no one to stop you.

Sturmer kept it short and sweet, feeling that not everyone shared his enthusiasm for mourning and that he might have come to Liverpool to talk politics. was not our queen, he said, ripping off Emmanuel Macron’s high-class tribute. she is the queen of the world The best queen we have ever had. best queen ever. we were blessed. Keir’s eyes half-closed in a moment of zen-like stillness. He may have put it on a little thicker.

Switch to the national anthem. Sturmer, Angela Rayner, Anneliese Dodds, and John Ashworth all wore black. It seemed to have a magnificent soprano. Everyone in the audience stands and sings along. I didn’t even need a printed sheet of words that the usher thoughtfully left out. That was the least I’ve ever seen of workers at a workers’ meeting. But everyone was sending messages. Not even a hint of heckle. This was a shameless land grab for the now vacant middle class. Siren call to red wall.

Kiel Sturmer pays tribute to the Queen at the start of labor conference – video

Stranger things were still about to happen. In his speech as deputy leader, Rainer mentioned this his 1997 “Rise to the Opportunity” twice. Usually, mentioning Tony Blair is a kiss of death in the conference hall. Then in the afternoon, during a session to win the next election, images of Blair and Gordon Brown appeared on the same video screen that was hosting the Queen. I started cheering. unprecedented. Most disturbing of all, there was even a fleeting sighting of Peter Mandelson on screen.

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