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Ramapo College Recognized for Influential Leadership, Innovative Learning Environment

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First Published: September 24, 2022

Ramapo College Recognized for Influential Leadership, Innovative Learning Environment

(Mahwah, NJ) — Ramapo University of New Jersey Influential leadership, innovative hands-on instruction, and a cutting-edge learning environment have elevated us to the forefront of higher education in the state.

ROI-NJ, a business media company and authoritative source for news and connections that influence New Jersey’s economic powerhouses and shakers, recently named several Category recognized Ramapo College.

President Cindy R. Jebb has been named one of the state’s most influential college presidents. Dr. Jeb will become the fifth Chancellor of his Ramapo College in July 2021. She served 39 years with the rank of Brigadier General and Professor Emeritus before retiring from the United States Army and serving as the first female Dean of the Academic Board of the United States Military Academy in the West. point.

In Dr. Jebb’s first year as president, the university will strive to create a healthy, healthy, safe and vibrant student experience while embracing a culture of dignity and respect characterized by empathy, equity and diversity. Prioritizing securing it, we implemented the autumn operation plan. and inclusion. Additionally, the university attracts high-profile guest speakers, secures multiple federal grants, and bold strategic plans through a series of campus-wide future-based summits, an innovative needs statement process, and a comprehensive campus facilities master plan. Started the process.

The University’s Forensic Genealogy Innocence Lab was selected among 15 unique academic programs at universities statewide. Led by David Gurney, Assistant Professor of Law and Society, the class involves using genetic genealogy to identify families from DNA evidence left at crime scenes. Students will use new tools in forensic genetic genealogy to help solve wrongful conviction cases using real client files.

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In addition, students receive practical instruction focused on the use of traditional genealogy, criminal procedure and post-conviction relief, and confidentiality within the legal and genealogical contexts.

Also, the completion of the Peter P. Mercer Learning Commons, which opened in September 2021, was noted by ROI as “construction that didn’t stop during the pandemic.” Featuring state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories, group and individual study rooms, media hubs, onsite technical resources, Makerspace design labs, cafés, archives, centers and research projects, it showcases breathtaking scenery. Ramapo Mountains.

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