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Purdue’s Next Big Move: The New School of Business

A business degree that combines science, engineering, and the liberal arts provides future business leaders and entrepreneurs with new competitive advantages.

WEST LAFAYETTE, IN – Purdue University’s next big move in a series of large, decade-long strategic investments will reimagine its current graduate school of management into a new graduate school of management, bringing together today’s technology-driven world and tomorrow’s unknown. Redefining the readiness of business leaders for the world. .

Plans for the new school were announced on Friday (September 23). The plan will be supported by significant university investment and a massive funding effort designed to rebuild a top-tier business school. Features of Purdue education, including STEM disciplines and business analytics.

“Students at Purdue’s new School of Business will receive a well-rounded education that includes a foundation in history, philosophy, economic theory of free market systems, and the liberal arts and accompanying communication skills,” Daniels said. “They will enter the world proud of the careers they have chosen and thoroughly prepared for leadership and operational excellence in the most technologically complex areas.”

Purdue Business School has grown nearly 33% since 2019, even as college enrollment rates have declined nationwide. The scale of the facility has been doubled through the extension and renovation.

business rendering
A rendering of the expansion and renovation plans for the new Purdue School of Business. (Illustration by Ayers Saint Gross) Image download

The school will build on Purdue University’s recently launched Integrated Business and Engineering (IBE) degree, the highly ranked Business Analytics program, and the new Dean V. White Real Estate Finance program., The Larsen Leaders Academy will be further propelled by a new $10 million donation from Marshall and Susan Larsen celebrated Friday night to create a competitive advantage for students and the next step into the future of business. It made a big leap possible.

For a long time it was named the Purdue School of Management and the graduate school was named after Krannert. The entire new organization would initially be known as the Purdue School of Business. Targeting fall 2023, Purdue University is targeting the first phase of enhancements, including increased student enrollment, additional targeted faculty, and additional curriculum and experiential learning.

Scientific advances in nearly every economic sector require business leaders who can understand not just the data at hand, but where the next breakthrough will come from. Students who acquire the skills to collect big data and use it to drive business decisions will become the most valuable professional professionals today and in the future. Purdue University’s new business school graduates are uniquely positioned to bring market discoveries, scale innovation, and influence social change.

“Through this reopening, Purdue University will have a world-class business school that will conduct top-notch research and create business growth and opportunity,” said President-elect Mung Chiang. We will educate many outstanding and proud students.”

Historically, Purdue University has celebrated many alumni who have gone on to become CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. Eight alumni currently fill the role as measured by academic influence. The transition to the new business school further builds on Purdue’s standards of excellence, starting with the engineering field, where both graduate (4th) and undergraduate (9th) degree programs are nationally ranked. .

Purdue University was the only university recently named a “Brand That Matters” by Fast Company, joining big names such as Ford, McDonald’s, Nike and 3M, and was recently named America’s Most Trusted Public University by Morning Consult. Ranked 4th in college. He has also been recognized as a Top 10 Public University by The Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education and among the Top 10 Most Innovative Universities by US News and World Report for five consecutive years.

Purdue University has grown 23% over the last five years to just over 50,000 students. It ranks in the top five of his STEM majors graduated, with 71% of his 2022 graduates earning her STEM degree.

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