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2022 Shattuck Awards Recognize 13 Boston Citizen Leaders

This year’s Shattuck Award for Outstanding Public Service recognizes nine city employees and three civic leaders.

For the 37th year of the Henry L. Shattuck Public Service Awards, the City of Boston Bureau of Research will recognize these nominees on Wednesday, which the organization describes as “everyday heroes of public service” who “go well beyond the call of duty.”

According to the BMRB, 289 city employees have won the Shattuck Award since 1985.

Nine active-duty city employees were identified by the BMRB as having “outstanding ability and professionalism in handling their duties,” “outstanding initiative and professionalism,” and “demonstrating efficient and productive delivery of public services.” They were evaluated on criteria such as “prepared competence” and “useful and useful”. Always a supportive attitude toward colleagues and the public” and “careful management and control of all assigned responsibilities”.

city ​​official

  • Andria Amador, Senior Director of Behavioral Health Services, Boston Public Schools
  • John T. Boyle, Chief Sergeant, Boston Police Department
  • Nikysha Harding, Director of Tobacco Prevention and Control Programs, Boston Public Health Commission
  • Joyce Judge, Mayor’s Office of Consumer Affairs and Licensing, Special Events Manager
  • Edward Lau, Director of Service Delivery, Human Resources
  • Sarah Leung, Architectural Access Specialist, Mayor’s Disability Commission
  • Juan Aurelio Lopez, Director of Research and Policy, Boston City Council
  • Sean Monahan, Treasurer Supervisor, Boston Public Library
  • Alexis Truzcinski, Director of Animal Care and Management, Parks Department

city ​​champions

Established in 1988, the City Champion Awards recognize “business and non-profit leaders who have made a significant contribution to Boston’s civic community.” This year we are:

  • Bekah Splaine Salwasser, Executive Director, Red Sox Foundation
  • Reshma Kewalramani, Chief Executive Officer, Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Shattuck Chairman’s Award

This occasional award is presented to city department heads or “distinguished civil servants” for “demonstrated leadership, professionalism, and determination that serve as an example for all who work for the public good.” increase.

This year’s winner is former City Council Speaker and Attorney Larry DiCara.

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