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The Most Influential People in Florida Politics

It seems less than a week goes by without a new media outlet or website covering Florida politics.

I remember when I was the new guy in town, the traditional media didn’t exactly roll out the welcome mat.

Today, inexplicably, I find myself in traditional media, or as a friend Gary fine out explains one of the leaders of the Rebel Alliance.

I don’t really care if the game has new players. That’s because I remember a friend who runs a restaurant explaining it to me.

He owned a successful Italian restaurant in a prime location with not much competition around him. But a brasserie was opening across the street, so he asked if I was worried.

“Not at all,” he said. He explained that there was his second restaurant on the block, now part of the restaurant district. Customers got their drinks at his place and ate at the French place and vice versa. Other bars and restaurants will emerge.

He was right, which is why we love seeing new media outposts in Florida, whether from a conservative perspective or from the left.

Of course, there is a difference between welcoming competition and losing. And we refuse to lose to our competitors at Florida Politics.

Well, lots of new sites, lots of new listings.

But there’s only one site that covers all of Florida’s politics. And there is only one definitive list of the most influential figures in Florida politics.

The INFLUENCE 150 wastes no time seeking government approval. Ron DeSantis The most powerful individual in the state. Nor do we operate in a world where the Attorney General has less power than the Director of Economic Opportunity, or where the next House Democratic leader has more power than the Director of Economic Opportunity. Wilton simpson.

For me, Influence 150 is sanctuary. I spent months going through lists and arguing with some of the most important and serious operators in Florida politics. And you’ll only do as well as the last campaign cycle or legislative session.

There are no inheritances on this list.

The boldest design yet when it comes to this particular edition of INFLUENCE. Considering it was runner-up for the best design magazine in the state, that’s saying something.

This edition is imbued with Yves Klein Blue throughout as a tribute to the landmark Michael man The movie Heat I ran out of budget and sent photographers across the state to capture original shots of what was featured.

Simply put, this is the best edition of INFLUENCE Magazine we have published in six years.

Because that’s how you answer the competition.

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To read the influence, click the image below:

Influence 150:

John Adrabi

Rick Asnani

Matt Barr

Pat Baiter

Amy Baker

Tim Baker

Brian Ballard

Katie Ballard

heather barker

Bryce and Houston Burns

Rodney Barrett

Sarah Bascom

Katie Betta

Amanda Bevis

Brewster Bevis

James Blair


Paul Bradshaw

oscar brennon

audrey brown

Maya Brown

monesia brown

David Browning

Matt Bryan

Dean Cannon

Craig Carbon

Alex Heckler

Ben Gibson

Richard Corcoran

Michael Corcoran

Steve Casey

Michelle Dennard

mallory dimitt

Carol Dover

Gary Fineout

Mike Griffin

Ana Cruz

John Coolis

Brett Doster

Kelly Cohen

Ron Crystaldi

Rachel Cohn

Ben Crump

Matt Dixon

Jeff Hartley

Robert Coker

Jim Defede

Tim Serio

Marty Fiorentino

Casey DeSantis

Taryn Fenske

Erica Donalds

Hussein Cumber

Mori Hosseni

Ryan Hook

Nick Iarossi

Erin Isaac

Christina Johnson

David Johnson

Eric Johnson

marva johnson

Fred Karlinsky

Alex Kelly

John Cartley

Stephanie Coperusos

Ron Laface

Brian Lamb

Andrew Mackintosh

Brian May

Tracy and Frank Meyernick

Mary Mayhew

Bob McClure

Cathy Mears

Mark Reichelderfer

Ryan Tyson

Eric Shirazy

Karen Moore

Anthony Pedicini

Nancy Watkins

Will Weatherford

Steve Vancore and Drew Jones

Drew Pears and Harvey Thiele

Kim Rivers

Tom Piccolo

Nadine Smith

Nate Monroe

Sean Pittman

Bill Rubin and Heather Turnbull

Ashley Walker

Jason Unger

Tina Vidal-Duart

Chris Money & Trey McCurry

Christina Pushot

Eric Purgeon

Ron Whitaker

James Usmeier

Emmett Reed

Chris Spencer

Jasmen Rogers

Lindsay Pollard

Melissa Seisius

Jeff Porter

Christian Ulbert

Susie Wiles

Mark Wilson

Rick Wilson and Ryan Wiggins

Katie Uter

Joe York

skyler zander

Jackie Schutz Zeckman

Influence 150 — Honorable Mention:

Max Alvarez

Adam Babington

Slater Bayliss

Lewis Bear

Norman Braman

Nancy Brinker

Dominic Calabro

Mark Caputo

Reggie Cardoso

Kevin Kate

Richard Coates

Tre Evers

Vince Evans

Aria Faraj Johnson

Julio Fuentes

Nicole Gomez

Max Goodman

Ryan Gorman

Rich Heffley

John Holly

Yolanda Cash Jackson

Brian Joghast

John Johnson

Dara Kam

Mark Kaplan

John Kennedy

Shad Khan

Chris Koji

Adrian Lukes

Steve Marin

Andy Marlette

Scott Maxwell

Darrick McGee

desmond mead

Carlos Migoya

carol marvin miller

terry miller

John Morgan

Ana Navarro

Meredith O’Rourke

peter penrod

Evelyn Perez Verdia

Joy Reed

Jim Rhimes

Jim Rosica

Chris Ruddy

Justin Cyphie

Steve Shale

Christine Sexton

Stephanie Smith

Kent Starmon

Melissa Stone

Shane Strum

Abbie Vail

Jeff Vinnik

Andrew Weinstein

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