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Kunes Auto & RV Group Acquires Two Wisconsin RV Dealers – RVBusiness

Elcorn, Wisconsin – Kunes Auto & RV Grouphas more than 40 auto and RV dealerships in the Midwest, and today (September 23) announced that it has added two new Wisconsin-based RV dealerships to its already robust roster. The family-owned automobile group purchased from Todd Oberg his Fathead’s Country Campers and Fatheads Rapid RV at Lake Mills and Wisconsin Rapids respectively. RV dealerships currently operate under Kunes RV Lake Mills Inc. and Kunes RV Wisconsin Rapids Inc. Kunes has a total of 42 dealerships, 14 of which sell his RVs.

Kunes Auto & RV Group RV Director Tom Hamil said in the release: “Business has stalled in many industries, but the ability to work remotely and the desire to travel safely during the pandemic are driving RV sales. 15% or more

Selling RVs isn’t the only business Kunes has thrived in despite a volatile market. Kunes has more than doubled his business in recovery from the pandemic, growing from 23 locations in early 2020 to 42 now.

Scott Kunes, Chief Operating Officer, Kunes Auto & RV, said: “When people were ready to buy cars again, we were lucky enough to have inventory that other dealers didn’t have. We have been able to remain competitive in the market, which has contributed significantly to our success.”

In a separate release, RV Business Solutions, a leading buying and selling advisor for RV dealers, announced that it was Oberg’s exclusive sell-side advisor on the transaction.

Originally from the software/tech industry, Oberg purchased a Fatheads RV in 2014 and has continued to release. It was his one-place dealer on what is now Main Street’s site in Lake Mills. In 2019, Oberg purchased his second location in his Rapids, Wisconsin.

“We found Scott (Degnan) and RV Business Solutions in 2021 when we were looking to expand our business to a third location,” says Oberg. “Scott and Mike[Lankford]used to represent sellers, but have come to appreciate their interaction with me as a suitor and their attitude as a representative of a client seller. Scott and Mike brought me several offers from various buyers, but ultimately felt that Kunes RV Group was the best fit for us and our employees. I highly recommend RV Business Solutions to any RV dealer who is in business.”

Since 2021, RV Business Solutions has advised on the sale of over 40 RV dealer locations with a combined transaction value of over $350 million. Degnan, co-founder and partner of RV Business Solutions, said: From the beginning, he made it clear that he had to find the right buyer for his company, not just one. Todd had the opportunity to sell to multiple dealers, but ultimately concluded that Kunes was the best fit for him and his employees. “

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