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‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ tops $1 billion worldwide | Entertainment

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Its pace may have been more Brontosaurus-like than Velociraptor, but it still crossed the finish line: here’s why Universal Pictures is celebrating Jurassic world: Dominion Worldwide box office revenue surpasses $1 billion.

The film, which released on June 10, was the second-biggest debut of the year with a $145 million take, but continued to perform slowly and steadily as summer approached.

variety point out Dominion‘s revenue was filled by moviegoers, especially in China. Spider-Man: No Way Home When Top Gun: Maverick — We weren’t allowed to show it.

Jurassic world: Dominionunited Jurassic World Cast members including Chris Pratt When Bryce Dallas Howard When Jurassic Parkthe star of Laura Dern, Sam Neill When Jeff Goldblumis currently streaming an extended cut of Peacock.

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