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Culture wars once again come to the fore and center of South Carolina politics – Statehouse Report

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Andy Black Ladies and Gentlemen, ahead of the 2022 Culture Wars, also known as the statewide election, which will take place six weeks from now on November 9th.

Instead of popcorn, fried Oreos, and cotton candy, a healthy dose of unhealthy hot buttons intertwined with abortion, gender identity, inflation, spending, guns, and various other topics designed to scare you. will be provided. Vote either way.

As Democrats and Republicans apply political pressure to downplay the selection of processes that should be taken more seriously, we are sure to get corn donkeys, false corn dogs, and elephant ears.

If anything, perhaps because of the political polarization that has infected the United States this year, elections this season look sillier and less serious than they have in a long time – sort of that elections don’t matter. Considering the number of people trying to sow (which they do) and unfair (except for the big money and role of gerrymandering addiction, it’s not.)

Just look at the gubernatorial race where incumbent Republican Governor Henry McMaster is itching to fan the culture wars. His fall campaign plans almost certainly instructed his aides to look out for any opportunity to divide people on the basis of their gender in order to stir up support for evangelicals and right-wingers. People without are more likely to vote – unless you give them a reason to go vote.)

So this week was nothing surprising. McMaster dismissed the letter Charleston County School District complaining that schools shouldn’t teach gender identity without parental consent. It’s pretty sad that this kind of thing is to incite his base, instead of getting serious about why so many South Carolina students are failing algebra, history, and English.

On the Democratic side, it’s no surprise that Dr. Annie Andrews is trying to scare Lowcountry voters. Ad showing her opponent, Republican Rep. Nancy Mace, who has a black machine gun. Here’s an image of an ad Mace put out in the spring to make her look tough in the tough Republican primary.

For her part, Mace goes on a handy publicity blitz to make herself look like someone she’s not. new ad Mace, who is jumping on the thorns of inflation to nationalize the First District Council election, talks about the cost of breakfast, milk and eggs.She’s trying to look like everyone else, which is interesting to her these days dropped $3.9 million With her husband at home on the Isle of Palms. do you have that kind of change?

Over the next few weeks, political trash will fill airwaves, mailboxes, and mailboxes across South Carolina. There may be some impact, but there is a good chance something big is going on. This year’s seemingly boring election could actually be an inflection point. There are large numbers of politically displaced adults across the country, and we believe we turn to polls to hear their voices.

For the MAGA Republicans who support former President Donald Trump, the election will be a referendum against President Joe Biden and a Democratic-dominated Congress. At the moment, the Senate looks set to stay Democratic as Republican candidates are poor in several Senate seats, but the U.S. House of Representatives may lean Republican.

More moderate “country club” Republicans are baffled that Trump continues to suck the air out of the political world with his silly schemes.

Democrats could also benefit from the millions of women who support abortion rights. That right was overturned by a Republican majority in the U.S. Supreme Court in June.

Use the clicker to turn off nonsense. Use your brain to choose the best candidates to lead your state and country.

Andy Brack is editor and publisher of the Statehouse Report and Charleston City Paper. Have a comment? Send to: feedback@statehousereport.com.

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