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A green economy business park could bring 2,000 to 3,500 jobs

Central Ohio Solid Waste Administration leaders believe they will be successful in attracting businesses to the Green Economy Business Park. The development is planned on 362 acres on the north side of London Groveport Road (State Road 665) in Grove City.

SWACO’s goal is to attract manufacturers who use recycled materials in their products, said Hanna Greer-Brown, communications manager at SWACO.

“SWACO’s Green Economy Business Park will use research, technology and advanced manufacturing to form a cluster of companies that bring together a supply chain for recycled materials,” she said. “New jobs could be created and local tax revenues and capital expenditures could increase. This innovative concept could create tomorrow’s products from today’s recycled materials.”

Most of Grove City's 362 acres north of London Groveport Road (State Route 665) were farmland. The Central Ohio Solid Waste Authority plans to convert the land into what it calls a Green Economy Business Park.

There are already approximately 400 businesses in Central Ohio that rely on recyclable resources, and SWACO’s vision for business parks will benefit these businesses while bringing like-minded businesses to the region. She said it is to attract more to

The market promises to grow, she said.

“We are gearing up for growth in Franklin County and prioritizing local partnerships,” she said. .”

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