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Utah Business Honors Scorpion’s Sarah Tippetts with ‘2022 Woman of the Year’ Award

salt lake city, September 22, 2022 /PR Newswire/ — scorpionis a leading provider of technology and services that help local businesses thrive, announced today. Sarah TippettsScorpion Sales Director, utah business“2022 Women of the Year” winner. The award recognizes women who influence a largely male-dominated industry.

Tippetts was honored for her tenacity and strong team empowerment values. She is one of her Scorpion’s leading sales her professional and her style is to set her example. She works closely with the team to determine their motivations and how they can help them overcome challenges. With this approach, Tippets’ team reached her 127% of her quota in 2021. Additionally, in the first quarter of 2022, her team is pacing to reach her 120% of additional growth.

“I am extremely grateful to have been selected as one of Utah Business’s 2022 Woman of the Year Award winners. I take great pride in driving the success of my work, my team, and my clients. ,” said Tippetts. “I encourage women interested in sales to pursue their desired career path. Women bring a unique set of skills and perspectives to the sales industry. I am.”

Tippets strives to have a powerful and beneficial impact on the community. She is an active volunteer at her church, where she organizes canned food drives and assists Bishop Her Storehouse for those in need.She also volunteers to attract sponsors Utah It helps women to be more innovative, ambitious and connected to the industry. In addition, Tippets is an educator and volunteer for childhood obesity campaigns at Salt Lake Intermountain Health Care Hospital. She teaches her 5th grade at the Academy of Anatomy. Saratoga Springsand mentor young professionals who reach out to learn more about sales and leadership.

“Sarah embodies the highest Scorpion values. Without a doubt, anyone who crosses paths with Sarah will benefit from her leadership abilities, skills and camaraderie.” Rustin Kretz, founder and CEO of Scorpion. “Sarah’s dedication to empowering the team and making a positive impact Utah community and beyond creates a great example of what it means to be a valuable team member, sales professional, and leader. ”

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For over 20 years, Scorpion has helped local business owners achieve their goals using technology and marketing. Scorpion helps business owners understand their local market and optimize their marketing efforts to increase revenue. Through award-winning technology and dedicated people, Scorpion helps companies run their best business by integrating every part of their business to achieve their goals.

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