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US Meat Exporters’ Leadership Celebrates 45th Anniversary of Office in Japan

Last week (September 11-17, 2022), leaders of the US Meat Export Federation traveled to Tokyo to mark the 45th anniversary of the USMEF Japan office. They met with meat industry leaders, hosted meat recipe sessions for Japanese cooking teachers and social media influencers, visited U.S. meat displays in grocery stores, and met with 200 meat industry representatives. He held his 45th anniversary seminar for the target.

USMEF President Mark Swanson, founder of Tru Grit KGMS Enterprises in Fort Collins, Colorado, shares insights on what leaders learned from their visits to Japan in this week’s USMEF Audio Report.

USMEF President and CEO Dan Halstrom discusses the value of the U.S. meat industry forged during its 45-year relationship with Japan, and Dean Meyer, a Rock Rapids, Iowa, livestock and grain producer and incoming chairman. He talks about America’s message. Farmers are taking to Japanese consumers.

Mark Swanson.
Courtesy photo.

Dan Halstrom.
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Dean Meyer.
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