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Santa Rosa County District Schools Investigating Middle School Sports

Santa Rosa County is the only county of the three counties where middle school sports teams are not widely used.

The district began receiving questions from local residents about why that was the case and what they could do to provide middle school students with the potential to move forward.

Santa Rosa County School District school spokesperson and family and community outreach officer Tonya Shepherd said in a statement to The News Journal that the district would like to see what potential exists in middle school sports. He said he had begun taking steps to confirm that, but added that he had no concrete plans.

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Reed Clarke will hone his basketball skills at the middle school clinic at the Wedgwood Community Center on Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2022. Clark is just one of his students in the Rosa area of ​​Santa who travels to Escambia County to participate in his youth sports.

“Santa Rosa District Schools has a rich tradition of community collaboration, and this is true for the local community youth sports association. We have done so,” Shepard said in a statement, adding that the district will include community stakeholders in potential discussions going forward.

Santa Rosa County Considers Middle School Sports Potential

Stephanie Yelton, the University of West Florida women’s basketball coach, lives in Santa Rosa County and is one of the people lobbying the district to offer track and field for middle school students.

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