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Quebecers are smarter than leadership

Latest findings: Quebec Population Supports Natural Gas Development Quebec And the repeal of Bill 21.

montreal, September 22, 2022 /CNW Telbec/ – New Main Street poll conducted from September 20-21 It shows the expected and very clear results.

– Almost two-thirds of Quebecers want development of Quebec We want to repeal natural gas and Bill 21.

– The establishment, especially the CAQ government, is completely out of touch and not listening to the Quebecers.

Mario LevesqueCEO of Utica Resources commented:

“These numbers show what people are telling me all day long: I am disappointed that the government is not listening to its citizens. QuebecIt’s time for politicians to listen! ”

“Arguments in favor of developing natural gas Quebec Undeniable. Quebec 20% Canada’s Natural gas reserves. Our oil and natural gas imports are $15 billion per year. The production and export of these resources will generate tens of billions in royalties and taxes for governments. We can fund health and education and the transition to new forms of energy. I don’t understand why the Prime Minister wouldn’t like it to be a win-win historic opportunity for us.we as citizens Quebec It could make a big difference in the global energy crisis and could raise huge sums of money for our state.”

“The conclusion I have drawn is that Quebecers are much smarter than leadership and understand the importance of development. of Quebec means. ”

About Utica Resources

Utica Resources is a Quebec province with a mission to participate in the ongoing energy transition by developing a diversified portfolio that includes renewable energy projects such as hydrogen and carbon dioxide storage, in addition to diesel and natural gas. company. All our projects are aimed at sustainable development, optimal use of available resources, respect for host communities and maximization of local economic benefits.

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