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Panthers’ Christian McCaffrey doesn’t mind practice restrictions, hopes to face Saints

NFL: NFC Wild Card - Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints

Christian McCaffrey loaded more in the Panthers’ loss to the Giants in Week 2, scoring a total of 19 touches as one of Carolina’s top weapons. But the star’s return is a question mark coming closer to Sunday’s matchup against the Saints. The former Pro Bowler is still scheduled to face the Saints in Week 3, but practice was limited by a stiff ankle, according to the website.

Ankle and hamstring injuries have been the cause of McCaffrey’s previous extended absences. Subject to his practice availability on Friday, the running back could be officially listed as suspect for Sunday’s divisional game. He showed up for injury reports a week earlier, but remained fully involved during that time.

But McCaffrey himself doesn’t seem concerned.

According to, he said he “feels great” after practice before joking about his endurance. “At this point, if I went to pick up the leak during practice, I think it would be a report.”

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Anyway, the development is worth watching. McCaffrey is generally one of the NFL’s top all-around players when he’s healthy, recording his 80 catches each in his first three seasons. He averaged 7 yards per carry against the Giants in Week 2. However, he has not played a full season in this three years of his career.

Second-year backup Chuva Hubbard will be ready for Carey’s rise if McCaffrey gets sick or cuts back on Sunday. As is the veteran Donta his foreman, a former reserve of the Texans and Titans who has scored his four carries in his first two games.

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