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Look: Penn State University to sell Chad Powers T-shirts, proceeds donate to Walk-On

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Chad Powers is the latest quarterback prodigy to excite fans of the Penn State football program. Of course, he can’t play Snap for the Nittany Lions because he’s Eli Manning’s alter ego, but the program still capitalizes on his popularity.

in a recent episode Eli’s placeManning used long hair, a mustache, and a fake nose to disguise himself as Chad Powers and exercised during a walk-on tryout at Penn State University.

Penn State University now sells t-shirts featuring Powers’ image and his viral saying, “Think fast, run fast.” In addition, from each sale he benefits his players $15 walk-on teams.

Penn State is also hosting a Powers-inspired 40-yard dash competition before Saturday’s game. Central Michigan If fans can beat Powers’s time of 5.49 seconds, fans can win a free “Think fast, run fast” shirt.

The Chad Powers bit was so successful that some TV studios are already trying to make shows based on the character. Peyton Manning’s Omaha Productions ‘flooded’ with requests to create Chad Powers show.

At least one concept resembled Ted Lasso, a series about an American football coach hired to manage an English football club. For now, Powers remains an urban legend at Penn State University.

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