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HKA Establishes Leadership Team for Integrated Asia Pacific Operations

Global consulting firm HKA has established a new leadership team across the Asia-Pacific region following the company’s decision to combine its Oceania and Asia operations into a single, 150-strong integrated business.

The new management team will be led by Benjamin Highfield. Hyfield most recently served as Head of Asia and currently oversees HKA’s operations and teams in nine offices in seven countries.

Highfield is flanked by a six-man strong team consisting of Alistair Mine, Amelia East, Jonathan Humphrey, Korosh Keivani, Nikki Butt and Shamila Neelakandan.

HKA Asia Pacific Leadership Team

Earlier this week, HKA brought together teams in Oceania and Asia to take advantage of “some synergies,” said Global CEO Renny Borhan. “The synergies between the units have been evident for some time. [Pai Partners] It’s a great opportunity to bring the region together and the next step in HKA’s evolution as a business. ”

Highfield adds: This allows us to grow and enhance the services we offer our clients, and allows our colleagues to reap the benefits of working together on a wider geographic area. ”

Headquartered in London, HKA specializes in risk mitigation, dispute resolution and litigation support in the capital project, construction and infrastructure sectors. Our award-winning consultancy works with law firms, contractors, corporations, operators, and other professional services firms.

Overview of the Asia Pacific Leadership Team:

Benjamin Highfield
Title: CEO, Asia Pacific
A claims and disputes specialist with over 15 years of major project experience in the construction industry, Highfield advises clients on commercial and contractual matters, as well as claims management and dispute resolution.

Alistair Main
Position: Head of Operations
Mein is a senior advisor with over 20 years of experience in planning and overseeing major infrastructure projects, organizational development and transformation programs, and major urban renewal projects. Most recently he was in charge of Oceania.

Amelia East
Position: Head of Advisory
East is qualified to practice law in New Zealand, England and Wales and has nearly 20 years of industry experience in construction, infrastructure, water and energy. She has worked extensively on commercial, financial, infrastructure, transportation and implementation projects in global companies, central and local governments.

Jonathan Humphrey
Position: Forensic Accounting & Commercial Liability Officer
Humphrey is a CPA with over 20 years of experience in forensic accounting. He has been appointed expert on more than 50 occasions in commercial and investment treaty litigation, dealing with damages and liability issues.

Kourosh Kaivani
Job Title: Head of Forensic Engineering, Architecture and Technology
Kayvani is a Certified Professional Engineer with over 30 years of experience. As a technical expert, Kourosh has been cross-examined in litigation and has provided expert reports on pending projects and structural failures in steel structures, long span roofs, industrial processes and infrastructure.

Nicky Butt
Job Title: People Director
Batt has over 25 years of experience as a people leader in operational human resources and organizational development in Australia, Asia Pacific and around the world.

Shamila Neelakandan
Job Title: Head of Construction Billing and Professional Services
Neelakandan is a dual qualified attorney with 25 years of legal, contract and commercial experience in the construction industry. Her experience includes bid negotiation, procurement, commercial strategy and claims management.

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