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Brad Pitt Launches Gender-Neutral Skincare Line | Entertainment


if you ever wanted to be like Brad Pittchance.


The Oscar winner has partnered with the Perrin family’s renowned Chateau Beaucastel winegrowers to launch a new skincare line.

Called Le Domaine Skincare, the collection includes a line of products that are all vegan, gender neutral, and designed to slow down the signs of aging.

Le Domaine Skincare features four main products: serums, creams, fluid creams and cleaning emulsions. All of this is packaged sustainably through the use of recyclable glass bottles and jars and reusable stoppers made from oak wood cut from waste. Wine barrels in the vineyard.

“It’s about mimicking nature’s organic cycle, its innate beauty,” Pitt said in a statement about the new launch. It becomes another nourishment. This is the cycle of Le Domaine skincare.”

Prices for branded products range from $80 to $385. It is infused with his two active ingredients, GSM10 and ProGR3, both of which are patented.The ingredients were created in close collaboration with Pierre-Louis Tesedreprofessor of oenology at the University of Bordeaux, and Nicola LeviClinician and Professor of Human and Medical Genetics.

According to the brand’s website, GSM10 has antioxidant powers and ProGR3 is a cosmetically active compound with the ability to delay the effects of aging in humans and skin.

That said, Internet Snark cannot be slowed down. One commenter wrote, “Look at your $800 skincare his trio and we’ll give you $13 cetaphil and $8 tretnoin. [sic] 0.1%”, the latter referring to common anti-wrinkle creams.

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