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2022 HBA Annual Conference to Host New Era of Leadership

Nancy White

Leadership is poised to look markedly different as a result of the experiences shared around the world over the last two years. The global pandemic and critical focus on equality issues are resulting in a shift in the way leaders lead, the way organizations operate, and the way industries innovate.

The Healthcare Business Women’s Association’s (HBA) first in-person annual conference since 2019, November 1-3, is a call to action:

  • Accept the challenges of this new era of leadership.
  • Get inspired by visionary leaders who embody the insights and mindsets critical to accelerating women’s influence and influence in healthcare.
  • We model transparency and accountability, adopting bold and innovative practices from industry champions who are successfully driving DE&I initiatives within their organizations.

Opportunities to explore complex issues, play to your strengths, connect with the right people, and take bold action abound at every stage of your career.
Features of this year’s keynote:

Lauren Powell, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, The Equitist

Dr. Lauren Powell Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, The Equitist LLC

Why gender-balanced leadership is essential to advance health equity
Dr. Lauren Powell, Vice President, U.S. Health Equity & Community Wellness, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited and President and CEO, The Equitist LLC

Known for his passion and advocacy for health equity, Dr. Powell opens the annual conference with three bold challenges for attendees.

  1. Invest in the development and promotion of diverse women who play a key role in promoting inclusion in healthcare.
  2. Elevate diverse voices and provide leadership to put community needs at the center of health equity efforts.
  3. Recognizing that passion does not spare leaders from burnout, the final challenge is to focus on health and well-being as a strategy for providing effective leadership that contributes to the important goals of health equity. to commit.
Jeffrey Tobias Halter, YWomen

Jeffrey Tobias Halter, YWomen

Engaging Male Allies: Moving from Recognition to Advocacy (Jeffery Tobias Halter, YWomen President)

What is your company doing to involve men in creating inclusive workplaces that support gender equity? Only 14% of companies. At her 423 companies surveyed by McKinsey, men still make up 75% of his managerial positions, so Jeffery Halter believes that women’s long-term organizational It suggests that it is taken for granted that promotion can never be promoted. “Simply put, status quo will continue in the workplace unless more men join her D&I initiatives.” He further suggests that the alliance is about positive action. . Skills to learn to change the status quo and create an inclusive workplace. Tobias shares her internalized approach to gender equality, using the lens of intersectionality and urgency to drive competitive advantage in the workplace and marketplace.

Celine Schillinger Needs Social

Celine Schillinger Needs Social

The Future of Leadership is Un-Leadership with Celine Schillinger, Founder and CEO, We Need Social

What is leadership today? It is often just a destructive set of outdated behaviors that harm individuals and societies that must be reinvented. It’s time to join forces, join forces and lead together, instead of perpetuating the supremacy of top-down hierarchies. Schillinger, author of the newly released Dare to Un-Lead: The Art of Relational Leadership in a Fragmented World, explores how values ​​such as freedom, equality, and community enable this transformation. is explained. And how they make overall business sense.

Beyond the plenary session, the conference offers many opportunities for networking, leadership development, and inspiration.

  • The 2nd Annual Women of Color (WoC) Wellness Summit brings together advocates for women of color to engage in real healing conversations about their experiences at work.
  • 12 breakout sessions:
    • Inspired Leadership – Focuses on the skills, knowledge and behaviors needed to lead the new era of leadership
    • Bold Practice – characterized by big actions with lasting effect
    • Impact – discovering how and where to leave a mark
  • Empowerment Zone with 1:1 coaching opportunities, headshot stations, quick learning sessions and other fun activities

HBA also recognizes 2022 ACE award winners Pfizer UK and Delix Therapeutics for groundbreaking initiatives working to close the gender pay gap and build an inclusive work culture from the ground up To do.

Register today to join the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association and our United Force for Change network to learn more.

Nancy White is Senior Director of Communications for the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association.

2022 HBA Annual Conference

About Healthcare Business Women Association
The Healthcare Business Women’s Association (HBA) is a global non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the advancement and influence of women in the healthcare business. HBA is represented in countries around the world and serves a community of approximately 70,000 individuals and 180 corporate partners. HBA provides a networking forum for building relationships. Expand your horizons through knowledge sharing and access to thought leaders. An educational program to develop leadership skills. Recognize outstanding women and companies in the industry and raise awareness of their achievements.

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