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LA GRINGA Celebrates 25 Years at Repertorio Español and is Now Available for Streaming

LA GRINGA Celebrates 25 Years at Repertorio Español and is Now Available for Streaming

On this precise date 25 years ago Repertorio was in rehearsals for a new production that would unknowingly change the theatrical history of the nation. On February 28th, 1996 Carmen Rivera’s La gringa premiered at Repertorio Español. La gringa tells the timeless story of a young New York woman searching for Puerto Rican roots and captures the yearning of the second-generation for a connection to its heritage. Because of its unfading and relevant value to adult and student audiences, La gringa is the longest Off-Broadway Spanish language play (as well as one of the longest running productions in New York regardless of language) and is adored by so many generations. The production has been seen by more than 130,000 people at Repertorio’s intimate resident theater, as well as another 100,000 more through tours throughout the Tri-State area, the United States, the Caribbean, and South America.

Although at the moment the doors of Repertorio are closed to the public, La gringa is now available for streaming online at Repertorio en Casa On-Demand.

Playwright Carmen Rivera writes: “When I began writing La gringa, I could have never imagined that I would be celebrating its 25th anniversary at Repertorio Español. Back in 1996, I was just a young playwright trying to begin my career. Productions and publications were part of the dream…but an anniversary was beyond the realm of my imagination. All a playwright needs is for a producer to say ‘yes.’ Repertorio Español said ‘yes,’ and my life changed.

“La gringa is a play about a young person’s search for identity. Repertorio Español is a theatre that celebrates the multi-layered identities of the Latinx diaspora. It is with infinite gratitude and enormous joy to be celebrating the anniversary of a story about Latinx identity in the very space that gives it shelter. Thank you Repertorio for saying yes!”

María, a native New Yorker, travels to Puerto Rico for the first time in search of her roots. Excited about seeing her “homeland” and a family she has never known, her over-enthusiasm translates into misunderstood behavior to her Puerto Rican family who consider her “gringa” – i.e. “not from here.”

$7 Access Per User + $3 System FeeThe audience will have 72 hours starting from the first-viewed date to enjoy the production. Learn more:

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