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Exploring Israel in Español is excelente

 Ambassador spotlight: Aliza Rozen

Hometown: Mexico City

University: Drexel

Major: Marketing, minor in public relations; master’s in public communication

What is your role as an ISRAEL21c en Español Ambassador?

My role as an ISRAEL21c en Español ambassador is to share news about Israel with the world. I have a deep love of Israel because of all the innovations, the culture and the uniqueness of the country.

As an ambassador, I get to share to the Spanish-speaking world all the amazing things Israel does that are not really known. I am able to show the world that there is so much more in Israel than what the media typically portrays about the conflict.

Aliza Rozen, left, with friends in Safed. Photo: courtesy

What was your most memorable experience in Israel?

I had the chance to go to Israel before college for a leadership program. I had the opportunity not only to experience Israeli culture but also different aspects of the life there.

I was able to explore Jerusalem and visit museums and centers; meet amazing people; experience what the importance of the army is to the country. I explored living in a kibbutz and ended with enjoying Tel Aviv.

I have experienced many different aspects Israel has to offer and after living through them I have found memorable moments in each part.

Aliza Rozen, left, with friends at Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee). Photo: courtesy

What is your favorite ISRAEL21c video or article, and why?

My favorite thing I have seen on the Spanish page so far is a video on all three big religions singing “One Love.”

I love how Israel is so diverse in many things but what I love the most is how diverse it is in religions and cultures. It is not the typical place of a big city and common cultures. I am a mix of so many cultures so for me it is important to show who I am through the different mix of cultures I personally have. I think that cultures are what makes the world so beautiful.

What’s your favorite Israeli snack and why?

A reminder of childhood. The Mekupelet chocolate bar. Photo courtesy Strauss

My favorite snack is the Mekupelet chocolate bar. It reminds me of Israel and my childhood. I went to Israel for the first time when I was really little and the thing I remember the most is that chocolate and how everytime someone came back from Israel they would bring me that chocolate. It’s a feeling of remembering my love toward Israel and how I felt eating that when I was little.

If you could choose to do anything for a day in Israel, what would you do?

I think I would first go to Jerusalem and go to the Old City.

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